In March, this Mashable article blogged about non-profit’s live streaming exclusively to YouTube’s Non-Profit Channel and not too long ago, the YouTube Live launched. Of course, YouTube is always free, but is it convenient? Is there an easy way to stream live from a mobile device directly to your own channel? We did some digging to find out.

We found out how to live stream to YouTube from the iPhone, from  this article. As it turns out, the option to “go live” is already in the app

youtube mobile

So, you may ask, what’s the point in using it? Most non-profits have fundraising events, and marketing leading up to it. Professional videography is expensive, live streaming is FREE, at least for now. Make life easy with 30 minutes of live streaming per week, on a predictable schedule. Doing it this way builds a brand, keeps people engaged in what’s going on, and reminds them to come support the cause.

Letting a free resource work for you is better than butter on bread….. well, almost.

Happy Streaming!

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